Cohen High School

Baton Rouge, LA

New 3-story high school featuring state-of-the-art classrooms, community multi-purpose areas, and al fresco dining.

The 3-story high school will replace the old Cohen High School on the old school’s site in the middle of the community. This FEMA funded project is one of the last projects to be released through the Recovery School District.

The school will have 18-core academic classrooms, 4-science labs, 2-performing arts classrooms, 1 art classroom, 2 CTE classrooms, and 4 SPED classrooms. The 2 story multi-media center and gymnasium can be used by the community at night while the school remains secure from people accessing it after hours. The cafeteria is on the perimeter of the building allowing access to outdoor dining. The facility is penetrated with large windows allowing natural daylight to flood the curriculum spaces.