Medical City Sachse

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Building Community Access To Healthcare

May 24, 2022

To provide more healthcare resources for the Sachse area, Trinity Regional Hospital now serves as that pipeline. This hospital is a full-service, acute care community hospital includes 32 inpatient medical/surgical beds, 4 intermediate care beds, 12-bed emergency department, 3 operating rooms, cat lab, and full diagnostic services to provide CT, MRI, Ultrasound, X-Ray, and nuclear medicine.

The hospital anchors a 33-arce, medical campus and provides a range of acute, post-acute, primary care, specialty services from pediatric to geriatric patients to provide medical service needs of the surrounding area.

The hospital is equipped with a modern design, clean dynamic lines that include an entrance tower lobby element to provide a focal point on the campus.

With this area of Sachse being underserved for medical care, Trinity Regional Hospital is the first facility where smaller, suburban areas outside of Dallas or Fort Worth can gain access to quality healthcare without having to go far.

Navigating the facility is not the typical experience compared to most healthcare systems. The building provides an array of natural lighting, open spaces, state-of-the-art design that brings a calming effect to anybody that enters the hospital.

To enhance the experience for patients, the artwork package is contemporary based on the natural fauna and flora of Texas wildflowers. Each piece is in relation to the central theme through photographs, paintings, books, and watercolors.

In addition to an engaging environment, the building is easy to navigate. A big tower sits at the home of the main entrance and the public emergency entrance is highlighted with a fire engine red light wall in front of it, which draws people to where they need to go.

Our clean, simple design provides natural lighting throughout the facility. We incorporated a lot of glass to provide a sun lighting inside the building. Throughout different times of the day, you get spotlight moving across the floor for a calming effect.

This developer driven project helped to produce the best possible product to effectively serve the Sachse community.