Rubicon Reliability Excellence Center

With the mission to provide raw material solutions for all types of industries, Rubicon is also committed to their employees through the creation of safe and comfortable environments. The Reliability Excellence Center stands as a testament to this dedication, offering a comfortable and efficient working environment for staff, while ensuring their safety and security. The blast resistant structural building, located behind the fence, is covered in durable metal panels to meet the highest safety standards. This modern structure accommodates new office spaces and conference rooms for the company's maintenance, reliability, and operational excellence departments.

Adjacent to the Reliability Excellence Center is a single-story Instrument Shop. Also blast resistant, this pre-engineered metal building is designed to withstand potential hazards. The Instrument Shop serves as a dedicated space for instrument-related activities, including a workshop for repairs and maintenance. Additionally, it provides office space for instrument and electrical maintenance staff, allowing them to efficiently manage their responsibilities for the entire facility. This integrated complex demonstrates Rubicon's commitment to enhancing operational efficiency and maintaining a safe working environment for its employees.

Project Size: 22,000 sq. ft.

Location: Geismar, LA

Completed: 2023

Refreshing Employee Environments

Featuring modern design and wood accents, Rubicon's breakroom provides a tranquil space for employees to relax and refuel for the workday.

Open and Creative Workspace

With expansive hallways and contemporary glass doorways, this open office space encourages collaboration among employees and enhances workflow efficiency.

Vibrant, Collaborative Ambiance

Interesting light fixtures coupled with warm wood accents create inviting and energizing meeting spaces that foster creativity, collaboration, and productive discussion.

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