Waters Restaurant

Waters Restaurant relocated from its West 7th Street location to a new space in Sundance Square. The interior upfit of the space included relocating the bar, restrooms and kitchen from the previous restaurant. It was important to separate the bar space from the fine dining area, while also showcasing the seafood cuisine and creating a more welcoming path to the outdoor patio. Waters brought many elements from the previous restaurant such as hanging sculptures, shark jaw art work, and oyster shell filled columns. The design complimented this with a soft blue palette, hexagon flooring incorporating the Waters Logo, fresh food display, and a custom wine cellar. The back patio area was completely redone, locating a bar building in the center of the patio with an overhead awning that is operable to block sun and/or weather.

Project Size: 4,765 square feet

Location: Fort Worth, TX

Completed: 2017

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