Oxbow Bar & Grill

GHC, in collaboration with Wegman Design Group, has transformed Oxbow Bar & Grill into a chic, contemporary rustic restaurant offering both indoor and outdoor dining with panoramic views of the Caloosahatchee River. Situated in the historic City Pier Building, the newly revamped Oxbow Bar & Grill now boasts first-floor seating for 150 guests, complete with a U-shaped bar made of naturally aged barn wood and stained oak tables. The interior design is a blend of antique décor and modern elements, featuring brass lamps that create a warm and inviting ambiance. This setting perfectly complements the restaurant's unique menu and waterfront location.

In addition to the dining space, the second floor of Oxbow Bar & Grill houses a spacious 2,400-square-foot event center, ideal for private celebrations or meetings. This space offers private access and a catering kitchen, making it an excellent choice for various events. Guests can also explore the retail store on-site, which offers a selection of sportswear, gear, and accessories. This transformation has not only revitalized a historic building but also created a destination that combines modern amenities with rustic charm, catering to both casual diners and event hosts alike.

Project Size: 10,500 square feet

Location: Fort Myers, FL

Completed: 2021

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