Autumn Leaves of Naples

Dedicated to the specialized care of individuals facing Alzheimer's and dementia, the Autumn Leaves Alzheimer's and Memory Care Assisted Living Communities stand out as professionally managed havens. This facility creates an atmosphere that goes beyond functionality, offering residents warm and inviting environments. At the core of their commitment is the provision of 24-hour specialized nursing care, ensuring the well-being of residents in every aspect of their daily lives.

The facility is designed to be safe and comfortable, creating a sense of community and belonging. Activity rooms are placed to encourage resident interaction, social connections, and engagement, with different themed areas facilitating easy wayfinding and enhancing socialization. Group and private dining rooms cater to varied preferences, providing spaces for shared meals and individual dining experiences. In addition, the inclusion of beauty salons within the communities adds an extra layer of comfort to residents.

The 50 resident units within each facility strike a balance between privacy and communal living. Each room comes equipped with its own private restroom, ensuring convenience and dignity for residents. The innovative figure-eight layout of the facilities enhances the living experience, featuring enclosed outdoor courtyards and hallways. This design promotes outdoor access and also guides residents back to their rooms and common areas. In embracing a holistic approach to care, the Autumn Leaves communities exemplify a commitment to providing a supportive and enriching environment for individuals facing Alzheimer's and dementia.

Project Size: 37,000 sq. ft.

Location: Naples, FL

Completed: 2020

Comfortable Resident Spaces

Rooms are designed to offer a perfect balance of comfort and functionality, addressing all resident's needs through a considerate blend of privacy, convenience, and a homey ambiance.

Relaxing Outdoor Areas

Outdoor courtyards provide serene and secure environments, ensuring residents can enjoy the refreshing outdoors in a safe and welcoming setting.

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