Florida Cancer Specialists - Davenport

Florida Cancer Specialists (FCS) - Davenport stands out among many facilities for delivering state-of-the-art care in independent oncology and hematology practices. Each FCS facility features a distinctive design tailored to meet the specific needs of its care providers. GHC addressed every unique request, ensuring a cohesive clinic that meets the needs of both patients and staff.

FCS Davenport includes well-appointed exam rooms, comfortable infusion chairs, and a PET/CT suite with dedicated injection rooms, providing a comfortable environment for patients. Collaborative spaces are designed throughout the facility for doctors and their medical assistants. These thoughtfully designed features contribute to an environment that supports both patient care and the professional needs of the medical staff.

Project Size: 14,385 sq. ft.

Location: Davenport, FL

Completed: 2023

Healing Environments

Bright, open windows provide the infusion room with abundant natural light, creating a calming environment for patients throughout treatment.

Welcoming Lobby

The facility features a welcoming lobby designed to make patients feel comfortable and at ease from the moment they arrive.

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