Florida Cancer Specialists - Bradenton

Florida Cancer Specialists (FSC) is the largest independent oncology/hematology practice in the US bringing state-of-the-art care to their numerous locations around Florida. The facility is located along the main road through Bradenton, FL. The site is very tight and surrounded by residential and commercial buildings on all four sides. The design team was able to create a modern design aesthetic that appropriately addresses all four sides of the property enhancing the sense of community in the neighborhood.

Each FCS facility is a unique design that meets the needs of the specific care providers for that facility. Our design team listens with intent to carefully address each unique request in a collaborative process to create a unified project that exceeds initial expectations. The Bradenton facility features 18 exam rooms, 50 infusion chairs, a PET/CT suite with 3 injection rooms and collaboration spaces for Doctors and their Medical Assistants.

Project Size: 20,500 sq. ft.

Location: Bradenton, FL

Completed: 2021

Welcoming Treatment Spaces

Featuring expansive windows that overlook the beautifully landscaped outdoors, the infusion room provides a welcoming environment to help patients feel more at ease during treatment.

Modern Exteriors

Nestled along the main road, this facility is surrounded by residential and commercial buildings on all sides, yet maintains a modern aesthetic that seamlessly integrates with the surrounding community.

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