TCU Mary Couts Burnett Library

Originally constructed in 1924 as one of the first buildings on the Texas Christian University campus, the Mary Couts Burnett Library underwent expansions in 1954 and 1982. In 2009, a master plan was commissioned to address the growing needs of the library, focusing on expanding technology spaces and doubling seating capacity to accommodate 25% of the academic community. The additions include an information commons with over 200 computers and 80 laptops, a two-story reading room enhancing the building's presence on University Drive, and dedicated space for graduate and faculty research. This collaborative project with CannonDesign also accommodates academic programs such as the Center for Teaching Excellence, Writing Center, and Ideas Bistro. This project was done in association with CannonDesign.

Project Size: 44,500 square feet

Location: Fort Worth, TX

Completed: 2015

Nurturing Advanced Research

Addressing the specific needs of graduate students and faculty, the library now boasts dedicated spaces for advanced research. These areas are designed to foster deep academic inquiry and innovative research, crucial for advancing knowledge across disciplines.

Integrating Academic Programs

In collaboration with CannonDesign, the library seamlessly integrates key academic programs such as the Center for Teaching Excellence, Writing Center, and Ideas Bistro. This integration exemplifies the library’s role in facilitating a multidisciplinary academic environment, encouraging collaboration and cross-pollination of ideas.

A Visionary Academic Landmark

The TCU Mary Couts Burnett Library stands not just as a repository of knowledge, but as a dynamic, evolving entity that responds to and anticipates the needs of its academic community. Through its thoughtful expansions and integrations, the library remains a vital part of the university's landscape, continually adapting to support the pursuit of academic excellence and innovation. It is a place where history and future converge, creating a vibrant and nurturing environment for learning and discovery.

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