St. Joseph's Academy Student Center

The Student Center at St. Joseph’s Academy, a private college preparatory school, was designed for current students as well as for the extended academy family.

Student-athletes practice and compete in the new multipurpose gymnasium and also benefit from state-of-the-art training areas such as a hydrotherapy and physical therapy suite and a sports medicine classroom. However, it was important to school officials that the building support all students and not just those participating in organized sports. In addition to athletic competitions and training, the structure houses health and physical education classes, pep rallies, guest speakers, religious services, family events and more. It also features concrete terraced steps and a seating wall for outdoor teaching.

The building is consistent in architectural style with existing academy facilities, embracing the school’s collegiate character and reflecting its high academic standards. The classical exterior features a columned arcade and a two-story entrance. The outdoor Plaza of Champions pays tribute to the school’s state championship teams, while in the pre-function lobby space members of the St. Joseph’s Academy community can learn about the school’s history via a graphic wall display with digital touchscreens.

Due to the unique sloping site, which sits lower than the main campus, Grace Hebert Curtis Architects strategically located and oriented the building and reorganized existing parking areas, saving significantly in foundation costs. The building connects to the existing campus buildings via a walkway bridge.

Project Size: 23,500 sq. ft.

Location: Baton Rouge, LA

Completed: 2018

Customizable Layout

The gymnasium offers 1,050 fixed bleacher seats and 750 moveable seats and was designed to meet state competition requirements, enabling the academy to host basketball and volleyball playoffs.

Multi-purpose Spaces

The structure serves as the center of student activities, with study and hang out spaces located along the second-level balcony.

Student-oriented Design

Areas such as the fitness center, locker rooms and gathering spaces are available to all students.

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