FWISD Paschal High School

The extensive renovation of FWISD Paschal High School, a project that spanned 78% of the original campus, initially constructed in 1936 with various modifications made over the decades, marked a transformative chapter in the school's history. Focused on enhancing safety, security, and the overall learning environment, the project addressed key areas such as science spaces, technology/CTE facilities, and fine arts. Notably, a significant expansion was implemented, introducing a two-story volume Media Center on the ground level. This new space not only flooded the interior with ample natural light but also thoughtfully showcased the original front facade of the 1930s building.

Furthermore, this expansion facilitated the incorporation of two Robotics Labs and four Engineering/STEM Labs, reinforcing Paschal High School's commitment to cutting-edge education. The main level of the renovated campus now boasts three Arts/AV Labs and two CTE Teaching Classrooms with a shared Teaching Lab, creating collaborative spaces for diverse learning experiences. Ascending to the second floor reveals five CTE Business/Marketing Classrooms and one CTE computer Classroom, strategically positioned to optimize functionality and contribute to the overall modernization of the high school campus. This comprehensive renovation project not only honors the school's historic legacy but also positions Paschal High School as a hub for contemporary education and innovation.

Project Size: 257,298 sq. ft.

Location: Fort Worth, TX

Completed: 2023

Historic Transformations

Overall, the renovation of FWISD Paschal High School is a testament to GHC's ability to harmonize historical architecture with modern educational needs. The project not only upgrades the functionality of the campus but does so while honoring its rich history. This approach ensures that the school remains a beacon of learning and inspiration for future generations, staying true to its heritage while evolving to meet contemporary educational standards.

Modernizing Classrooms

These spaces are tailored to provide an immersive learning environment for students pursuing business and marketing studies. Equipped with the latest technology and designed for interactive learning, these classrooms reflect GHC's commitment to preparing students for the evolving demands of the business world.

Branding Approach

This holistic branding extends beyond the physical environment, deeply embedding the school's ethos in every facet of the campus, thus fostering a sense of pride and belonging among all who walk its halls.

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