Idea Bridge Academy

IDEA Public Schools is an award-winning, Texas-based public charter school network. The organization opened an IDEA Bridge location in North Baton Rouge in 2018 to foster Louisiana students on the road to pursuing higher education. The new 73,000-square-foot school accommodates 750 kindergarten through eighth grade students.

The Grace Hebert Curtis Architects team integrated IDEA Public Schools’ existing design standards. However, the team carefully adapted the structure for the Louisiana environment and thoughtfully developed the site to accommodate and protect nearby wetlands.

Impact-resistant sheetrock (as opposed to more traditional concrete masonry) throughout the interior spaces will ensure the building stands up to wear and tear while also allowing for future flexibility as spatial needs and technology evolve. Inspiring wall graphics offering words of encouragement to students are spread throughout the school to instill confidence and a sense of community.

Project Size: 73,000 sq. ft.

Completed: 2018

Flexible Design

Each classroom includes flexible furniture and windows to provide natural daylight.

Low Costs

The cafeteria celebrates the school’s colors and identity. Careful material selection will ensure durability in this and other high-traffic areas, but also helped to keep costs low and ensured the project was delivered on schedule.

Fostering Health and Wellness

To foster health and wellness, the school includes a full-size gymnasium and an outdoor soccer field with branding throughout.

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