Compass Rose Harvest

Compass Rose Harvest is a K-5 school focused on a STEM curriculum. The Harvest campus highlights the rural area of the school through an agricultural focus that is celebrated through the design. From the second you enter, natural materials and earthy tones greet you, creating a welcoming environment.

Artificial turf is used on the floor to play up the makerspace for this building, where students can sit on plush green grass. In addition, big red barn-style sliding doors, chairs, and wall coverings are designed to enhance the atmosphere of agriculture. By incorporating traditional agricultural components into the school, kids can create in a dynamic, fun, and playful space.

To create a personable experience for both students and staff, administration offices are decentralized and mixed into the campus. Principal and assistant principals can actively engage with students with their offices positioned to see students walking by. In supporting a more collaborative nature of education, active social spaces are provided where students can hang out between classes to sit and talk with each other. With the idea that learning happens everywhere corridors are lined with benches and a learning stair at the center of campus.

Project Size: 42,000 sq. ft.

Location: Bastrop, TX

Completed: 2022

Agricultural Focus

With each Compass Rose School having a different educational theme, Compass Rose Harvest focuses on agriculture, enabling students to explore the outdoors from their classrooms.

Flexible Gathering Spaces

The school's multipurpose room, lined with gathering areas and a stage, offers a versatile environment where students and staff can create and gather; embracing the concept that learning can happen anywhere.

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