Central High School Renovation and Addition

The renovations to Central High School transform the congested and dimly lit 1970s high school into an open, collaborative school that encompasses nearly 200,000 SF of updated educational space. Instead of just updating the finishes of the existing school, the design team proposed a radical design solution to reorganize the school’s layout based on the learning communities of the curriculum, allowing for new-found efficiencies and the creation of a collegiate-like campus. With the school’s new program-based organization, the building is divided into specialized zones that are branded and tailored to the needs of each specific group – ranging from social studies to medical training to technical education spaces. In addition to the extensive renovations to the existing school, a new 1,200 seat competition gymnasium and centralized commons were designed to provide the school with additional capacity and a state-of-the-art facility to welcome the public into the newly transformed school.

Project Size: 200,000 square feet

Location: Central, LA

Completed: 2023

Multifunctional Commons

With its bright and open layout, the common area offers a dynamic and spacious environment designed to encourage collaboration among students.

Central Business District

With its variety of seating options and spacious layout, this space creates an inviting environment for students to gather and work together.

Wildcat Pride

The school’s gymnasium fosters a lively and exhilarating ambiance, providing a venue for students and athletes to revel in their team pride. The student section, also known as The Den, is adorned with a Wildcats graphic, serving as a representation of the school's spirit during games.

Project Awards

Award of Recognition, International Interior Design Association - 2023

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