BASIS Baton Rouge Mid City Campus

Designed for maximum efficiency and flexibility, Basis Mid City Campus will house kindergarten through 4th grade classrooms along with a spacious courtyard. This 21st Century design provides a vibrant, engaging, and stimulating environment for the next generation of learners.

Strategically flanking the classrooms around the courtyard and outdoor play area, the Grace Hebert Curtis Architects design team was able to maximize opportunities for learning and play. The eye-candy is on the outdoor space, which includes a centralized playground that serves also as an open-air space between classrooms. Each classroom has direct access to the blue-green playground providing opportunities to be engaged beyond the classroom.

In addition, the interior includes 24 individual classrooms providing dedicated space for learning and sized to accommodate students with one-on-one and group learning opportunities. The interior courtyard and external playground space will keep students secure and engaged beyond the classroom.

Grace Hebert Curtis Architects also designed BASIS Charter School, BASIS Benbrock, and BASIS San Antonio. This new colorful facility will be the first of its kind in Louisiana, which will provide another resource for the community.

Project Size: 43,000 sq. ft.

Location: Baton Rouge, LA

Completed: 2021

Engaging Beyond

The centralized blue-green playground allows students to be engaged beyond the classroom and serves as playful space off the multi-purpose area.

Playful Learning

To maximize opportunities for learning and play, GHC strategically built classrooms around the courtyard and outdoor play area.

Breeze Break

This breeze way area serves as a place for students to connect and engage in a safe space. The bright green and white colors featured throughout provides a playful accent to instill a sense of community, health, and fun for students.

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