BASIS Benbrook

Serving grades K-5, BASIS Benbrook offers a dynamic academic curriculum. The school includes 27 classrooms, multi-purpose rooms, indoor play area, exercise room and administrative offices. The building is arranged in a ‘U’ shape with a large exterior play yard in the center providing maximum protection for the students. Large, covered patios provide flexible outdoor spaces for learning and play.

To coordinate with our BASIS projects, the classrooms are all open to the ceiling, with mechanical ducts neatly organized and laid out into the space. Each campus has a school color accented throughout the project. This school has traditional classrooms with flexible multipurpose rooms. Classrooms are large enough to accommodate hands-on learning or direct instruction and can transform based on the curriculum.

The school’s central theme encompassed STEM instruction, which those classrooms are made easy to identify through wall graphics. With the classroom space, teachers can float throughout the school as needed with their schedule. The most unique aspect of BASIS is the flexibility within their learning structure.

Instead of a traditional gymnasium, exercise rooms and indoor playrooms are both adaptable where they can adapt into active learning. With natural lighting throughout the space, the multipurpose room acts as their cafeteria, providing a large open space directly adjacent to their play yards.

Project Size: 42,370 sq. ft.

Location: Benbrook, TX

Safe Play Spaces

The large courtyard sits in the center of the school providing a secure space for students to play. The covered patio gives ample shade while dining or learning outdoors.

Welcoming Lobby

Students and guests are greeted by administration in the secure vestibule. Large expanses of glass give a glimpse into the student areas.

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