Arlington Heights High School

This project includes a major renovation of interior spaces within the existing high school campus, along with new facilities for the Science and Agricultural Science programs. The renovations to the existing campus provide modern learning spaces for a number of different programs, including Career & Technical Education, Fine Arts, JROTC, Special Education, and core curriculum courses (Mathematics, History, Foreign Language, etc.), as well as multiple spaces for social and collaborative interactions. At the heart of the existing campus, the courtyard and library spaces have seen major renovations to create updated diverse and dynamic spaces for collaboration and interaction. The new addition blends seamlessly into the existing campus by incorporating the historic Georgian character that identifies Arlington Heights. This building houses 17 new classrooms, 8 new labs and a tiered seating area for collaboration. Graphics at the collaboration areas on each floor depict various scientific aspects of the Yellow Jacket mascot, including the anatomy, lifecycle, and the chemical makeup of their defense mechanisms.

Project Size: 225,649 square feet

Location: Fort Worth, TX

Completed: 2022

Revitalizing Learning Environments

The redesign incorporates flexible, state-of-the-art classrooms and labs, fostering an environment conducive to both traditional and innovative teaching methods. Each space is meticulously designed to encourage active learning and engagement, blending aesthetics with functionality.

Enhancing Social and Collaborative Spaces

At the heart of the renovation is the transformation of the courtyard and library areas into dynamic, multifunctional spaces. The new designs are versatile, catering to various group sizes and activities, from quiet study to lively group discussions, reflecting a modern approach to education that values both individual and collective learning experiences.

Celebrating Science and Community Identity

A creative touch in the new facilities is the incorporation of graphics that celebrate the scientific aspects of the school's mascot, the Yellow Jacket. This artistic element not only adds an educational dimension but also strengthens the sense of community identity and pride, aligning perfectly with GHC's ethos of creating spaces that are not just functional but also inspirational.

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