Rivermark Center Rooftop Pool

The luxury Rivermark Center Rooftop Pool sits on top of an existing 23-story tower, originally built in the mid to late 1960s. As an addition to the tower's impressive architecture, the rooftop pool is a highly sought-after amenity for the building's residents. The pool was meticulously designed and coordinated with the structural engineer, incorporating a premanufactured pool and pump system, which is skillfully positioned on a custom-engineered structural steel cradle. This strategic placement ensures that the pool can bear the imposed loads while preserving the integrity of the tower's original structure. With its placement perfected, the rooftop pool offers residents an enticing escape from the bustling city below, providing a serene and rejuvenating oasis high above the urban landscape.

Beyond the pool's installation, the project entails several crucial components which enhance functionality and aesthetics. In a seamless integration, the existing building elevator has been extended to reach the rooftop, offering residents easy access to this exciting recreational area. The addition of a new elevator lobby complements the tower's architectural style while efficiently accommodating increased foot traffic to the rooftop. To enhance the pool's visual appeal and ensure a harmonious integration with the existing design, an elevated deck has been added to the facility. This deck artfully conceals the lower portion of the pool, presenting a cohesive and inviting space for residents to unwind and socialize. In consideration of residents' comfort during sunny days, a steel awning system has been implemented, providing ample shading and protection from the elements. The Rivermark Center Rooftop Pool project stands as a testament to modern design and planning, offering residents a captivating space that elevates their living experience to new heights.

Project Size: 2,000

Location: Baton Rouge, LA

Completed: 2023

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