Swanson Center for Youth

Swanson Center for Youth is a medium security facility that employs a therapeutic model of treatment for juveniles adjudicated by the State of Louisiana. This treatment-oriented approach is seamlessly integrated into the design, prioritizing successful rehabilitation and facilitating the reintegration of youth into society. The facility’s design diverges from traditional institutional aesthetics, cultivating a secure yet residential ambiance.

The center’s blueprint is rooted in the creation of a positive environment conducive to personal development and self-reliance. The residential quality of the facility is a deliberate departure from the stereotypical correctional setting, aiming to provide a space where juveniles can thrive. Named after its mission, facility emphasizes spatial layouts that foster skill acquisition and responsibility, acknowledging the role of familial connections in the rehabilitation process.

In alignment with its mission, the architectural configuration of the Swanson Center prioritizes the safety, security, and overall well-being of its residents. Through the integration of therapeutic principles into the design, the center strives to create an environment that supports the positive transformation of the lives of the youth it serves, offering both architectural support and resources for a successful reintegration into society.

Project Size: 65,000 square feet

Location: Monroe, LA

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