SOF Simulator Facility (C-146) -19th Special Operations Squadron

The SOF Simulator Facility is a one-story training unit that provides the Air Force Special Operations Unit the ability to conduct real-world stimulations and training in a C-146 operational environment. This facility features a large, open Simulator Bay for full-motion training, a Visual threat Recognition & Avoidance Trainer (VTRAT) simulator space, Weapons Simulator Trainer (WST) area, and a Flight Simulator Technicians Control room. Classified information can be utilized and stored throughout these secure areas. This establishment also has classified briefing/ debriefing rooms, staff offices, breakrooms, and a comm rooms. With the facility’s design supporting the future installation of a flight simulator, the building’s exterior is minimalistic and secure.

Project Size: 8,230 square feet

Location: Duke Field, FL

Completed: 2019

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