Lehigh Acres Fire Station #106

Lehigh Acres Fire Station #106 features three apparatus bays for emergency vehicles and includes a decontamination area where firefighters can change out of contaminated clothing, shower, and switch into clean attire before entering the building's living and workspace areas. The station houses 6 private bunk rooms and an Officer's Quarters with a private bathroom and shower. Amenities also include a dayroom, kitchen/dining area, fitness room, and a watch room for on-site training. Restrooms accessible to the public are balanced with necessary security protocols for staff within the building. Engineered to withstand 170 MPH winds, the facility is equipped with an emergency generator capable of powering portions of the building for 72 hours without refueling. Fire protection features include a 30,000-gallon storage tank and fire pump.

Project Size: 8,713 square feet

Location: Lehigh Acres, FL

Completed: 2022

Safe, Functional Rooms

The decontamination room, equipped with individual lockers, enables firefighters to safely change into or out of their gear, enhancing operational readiness and safety protocols.

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