Lehigh Acres Fire Station #102

GHC undertook the renovation of Lehigh Acres Fire Station #102 after it sustained significant damage from Hurricane Irma. Now serving as the prototype for the Lehigh Acres Fire District’s future stations, this facility features three apparatus bays. Developed through close collaboration with the Fire Chief and District staff, the prototype is highly functional, durable, and cost-effective, allowing for great adaptability to various site configurations with minimal permit changes.

The facility includes a dayroom, kitchen/dining area, fitness room, and a watch room for onsite training. The bunk layout accommodates six separate sleep quarters, plus an Officer’s Quarters with a private bathroom and shower. Additionally, a separate shower facility adjacent to the apparatus bay allows firefighters to wash off hazardous substances before entering the living area.

Designed to withstand 170 MPH winds, the facility is equipped with an emergency generator that can operate portions of the building for 72 hours without refueling.

Project Size: 8,700 square feet

Location: Lehigh Acres, Florida

Completed: 2021

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