Gonzales Police Department

The state-of-the-art Gonzales City Police Department facility is designed to support the safety and emergency response needs of a fast-growing community.

Grace Hebert Curtis Architects adapted the site, which was previously home to an unused park and a dilapidated swimming pool, into a functional 19,000-square-foot structure — a vast improvement over the department’s previous 5,000-square-foot facility located nearby. Preparing the site for its new purpose required removing the pool and releveling the site grade. However, the site was also an ideal location for the facility given the existing roadways which allow for easy access.

The durable and efficiently planned structure features law enforcement and staff offices, a full kitchen/breakroom, a laundry room and a shower room (should the facility have to function as an Emergency Operations Center). Also included are booking facilities, evidence processing, several holding cells, and a multipurpose room with flexible, moveable furnishings to support administrative needs and continuing education.

Additionally, the building directly serves community members by hosting safety trainings and neighborhood watch meetings. This required a separate entrance for the public that is softer and more inviting with wood details and a tower element, but still ensures necessary separation from the secure spaces. The building has also hosted tours for law enforcement officials from other communities who are interested in learning more about its operations.

Project Size: 19,500 sq. ft.

Location: Gonzales, LA

Completed: 2012

Crisis Ready

The building includes an Emergency Operations Center that can accommodate staff from other departments during crises.


The design team revitalized and repurposed the existing pool house to serve as equipment and evidence storage space. The building also includes new lockers and a secure filing system as well as technology to process and preserve evidence.

Multipurpose Space

Removing the swimming pool created space for a new booking area, safer holding cells with increased visibility, and a flexible multipurpose/administrative office space.

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