Desoto Sheriff's Office and Jail

The DeSoto Sheriff’s Office and Jail, nestled in the heart of Mansfield, Louisiana, is a contemporary, secure facility that caters to the diverse needs of numerous departments and inmates. This state-of-the-art establishment encompasses a variety of essential spaces, thoughtfully designed to facilitate the smooth operation of critical divisions. Within its walls, the Criminal Investigation Division, Civil Special Services, Administration, and the Sheriff's Department each find their designated functional domains. The facility has been conceived to blend modernity and functionality seamlessly, ensuring the efficient functioning of these vital departments.

Guests at the DeSoto Sheriff’s Office are greeted by an ambiance that reflects its crucial role within the community. Adding to this sense of importance, a dedication plaque proudly underscores the facility's significance to the community it serves. The facility's entrance boasts a two-story lobby, characterized by a monumental staircase which leads to a private and secure second floor exclusively designated for the Sheriff’s Department. This division's distinct, well-appointed area guarantees that the essential tasks carried out here remain shielded from unwanted scrutiny and external distractions.

In addition to its administrative spaces, the facility boasts a comprehensive Detention facility that can house up to 188 inmates. This jail is designed to accommodate a diverse range of inmate classifications, including general population, female inmates, maximum security cases, as well as outside workers and trustees. The center includes a fully equipped medical and dental suite, guaranteeing that inmates receive any necessary treatments. The commitment to security, functionality, and the well-being of inmates is evident in every corner of the DeSoto Sheriff’s Office and Jail, reinforcing its pivotal role in the community and the broader legal system.

Project Size: 17,000 square feet

Location: Mansfield, LA

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