Cyberspace Test Group Facility

Cyberspace Test Group Facility serves as a dedicated support hub for the recently established 96CTG and the Cyberspace Test Mission located at Eglin AFB. The architectural design of this facility is strategically crafted with a focus on controlled access, featuring multiple secure areas with varying security levels. Specifically tailored for the 96 CTG, the building is purposed for the secure environment Developmental Test and Evaluation (DT&E) of air, space, and cyberspace systems. Its interior boasts three electronic test labs equipped with specialized instrumentation for diverse testing setups, complemented by multiple user network server rooms and dedicated engineering office areas.

The project also incorporates a range of supporting facilities. These include site improvements and utilities, ensuring seamless operations. The facility is equipped with N+1 HVAC systems for reliability, secure communication infrastructure, multiple user network systems, and a comprehensive physical security and security systems design. Additionally, the incorporation of site improvements and the integration of central Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and backup power generator systems contribute to the overall robustness and sustainability of Cyberspaces Test Facility, reinforcing its pivotal role in advancing air, space, and cyberspace capabilities.

Project Size: 52,000 square feet

Location: Crestview, FL

Completed: 2020

Essential Facility Systems

The facility's infrastructure incorporates systems to support round-the-clock operations, featuring N+1 HVAC systems, backup power systems consisting of a centralized uninterrupted power system, and a diesel-fueled power generator.

Bright Interiors

Integrated interior designs of bright colors, patterns, and furniture systems provide workers with a stimulating and positive work environment.

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