Combined Squadron Operations Facility at Hurlburt Field

The Combined Squadron Operations and Training Facility at Hurlburt Field is designed to support the 371st Special Operations Combat Training Squadron (371 SOCTS), the 18th Flight Test Squadron (18 FLTS), and the 413th Flight Test Squadron (413 FLTS). The building dedicates one-third of its space to the missions of the 18 FLTS and the 413 FLTS, while two-thirds are dedicated to the mission of the 371 SOCTS.

On the first floor, there is a shared office area, workspaces, and storage for the 18th & 413th Flight Test Squadrons. Additionally, there's an armory, munitions tool room, weapons cleaning area for 371 SOCTS, and combat training area/tactical operations medical simulator (TOMS) lab. The second floor is entirely dedicated to the 371 SOCTS mission, featuring the squadron’s command suite, flight office areas, three classrooms (one secure, two non-secure), and building support areas.

Project Size: 39,500 square feet

Location: Fort Walton Beach, FL

Completed: 2020

Secure Environments

A designated portion of the facility incorporates controlled access features to ensure secure environments for training and operations that involve handling classified information, enhancing confidentiality and safety.

Sustainable Design Features

Incorporating sustainable design elements for a healthy workplace, the building features energy-efficient systems, water conservation, recycled materials, waste diversion, and environmentally conscious site features.

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