Central Community School Board Office

Serving as the administrative hub for the Central Community School System, the School Board Office is designed to accommodate over 30 administrative employees. Located adjacent to Central High School's stadium, the complex seamlessly blends modern elements with functional design. Comfortable and spacious offices aim to boost productivity, while dedicated spaces cater to school board meetings, ensuring a professional setting for important discussions and decision-making.

Extensive upgrades to the High School's Football Stadium aim to enhance accessibility and convenience for both staff and visitors as well as upgrade the overall aesthetics of the complex. Improvements include newly paved parking areas, a landscaped promenade, an inviting stadium entry, and a convenient concession stand.

The stadium entry's design was carefully considered, resulting in an impressive and welcoming gateway for attendees, while the newly constructed concession stand provides a range of refreshments and amenities for staff and guests. These enhancements aim to elevate the overall spectator experience, ensuring that visitors can enjoy events with added comfort and convenience.

Project Size: 13,028 sq. ft.

Location: Central, LA

Completed: 2023

Bright, Welcoming Lobby

Designed with wood finishes and Central’s signature color, the School Board's administrative lobby is a bright and warm welcome for visitors and staff.

Positive Environment for Productive Discussions

The meeting room prominently displays the Central Community School System’s logo, while bright lighting and subtle wood touches add warmth and sophistication to the space, creating an ideal place for productive school board discussions.

Prideful Grand Entrance

A brick path and impressive archway displaying the school’s name aim to create a grand entrance that reflects the pride and spirit of the institution.

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