Bell County Jail Expansion

The Bell County Jail's additions and renovations represent a significant enhancement to the existing facility, with the primary goal of modernizing its infrastructure and expanding its capabilities to meet the evolving needs of the community. These improvements encompass various critical aspects of the complex, including a five-story housing tower, updated medical facilities, courts, visitation areas, and administration spaces. The end result is an efficient and secure environment that benefits both staff and inmates, all while addressing the increasing demands on the correctional system.

The expansion creates additional inmate space, including a specialized housing unit designed to meet specific security and housing needs. The new housing tower will boost the facility's capacity by 900 inmate beds with various housing configurations. This expansion is a strategic response to the intricate challenges within the inmate population. To ensure that inmates receive proper medical care and support, a dedicated medical floor will be constructed. Additionally, a space for new courts and visitation areas are available for any and all legal proceedings.

In addition to these critical facility upgrades, the project includes the establishment of two new minimum-security housing buildings in dormitory style units. These will enhance the comprehensive services and resources available within Bell County. These developments underscore our commitment to ensuring the safety, well-being, and efficient operation of the facility, all while accommodating the diverse needs of the inmate population and community.

Project Size: 204,550 square feet

Location: Belton, TX

Expanded Capacity

This addition doubles the County's inmate capacity with a new five-level tower, providing space for higher-risk inmates and a dedicated floor for those with mental health challenges.

Improved Operational Efficiency

Essential upgrades to the County Jail enhanced the quality of inmate and employee care, from video visitation areas to an expanded medical ward, and improved public spaces.

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