Tanglewood Elementary re-opens less than 5 months after historic flooding

The GraceHebert design team hit the ground running days after the historic flooding in Baton Rouge to begin the renovations at Tanglewood Elementary School.

After the flooding in our community, Tanglewood Elementary School was completely inundated and in need of a major renovation. The scope included a complete interior renovation of (3) classroom buildings on an existing school site. Total area of all three buildings is 54,000 sf. Renovations included new finishes (paint, flooring, wall coverings), millwork, ceilings, toilet fixtures and compartments, new reception desk and entry, renovated administration area, new storage rooms, ADA required restroom renovations, and a stage extension.

Due to the flooding emergency, we had to draw the project, coordinate with all engineering consultants and bid the documents in approximately 3 weeks. It was truly a team effort of all parties involved to successfully complete this project in record time.

Tanglewood Elementary in Central re-opens on Monday


January 8, 2017

CENTRAL, LA (WAFB) - Tanglewood Elementary in Central was covered with flood debris back in August.

Most of the building was destroyed, including twenty seven classrooms, but on Monday, students will be returning to a rebuilt school, with renovated classrooms and new supplies.

"Definitely looking forward to seeing the kids faces, and the parents faces whenever they come in the door, and just see what all has been done,” said principal Julie Stevens.

She says it's been tough for teachers and students because they've had to adjust to temporary classrooms at Central Intermediate School.

Temporary walls in the school's gymnasium created mini classrooms, and that's where teachers taught their classes. But now, those teachers can look forward to a space of their own.

"They're ready to be back home. They're ready to have a ceiling and a door so that they can have a little more quiet. Because that's a difficult situation. To teach without a ceiling and a door when you're trying to have quiet time for testing for students,” Stevens said.

In addition to the classrooms, Tanglewood has a new library, cafeteria, and performing arts stage. Stevens says she can't wait for students and parents to see the new school, but the recovery isn't over.

Many families are still rebuilding their lives, and first graders have a new schedule to get used to.

"They were only here for one day, so they're gonna have to completely re-learn their schedule and where everything is located, because only having one day on the campus, they're not going to remember a lot,” Stevens said.

Students will arrive at 7:45 a.m. on Monday morning, and class begins a 8:05 a.m.

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