W.C.C. Claiborne Office Building

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

The design incorporates an eight-story office block.

The building program evolved out of the State mandate to consolidate numerous state governmental agencies into a new campus surrounding the 1930’s expressive Capitol building.

The design incorporates an eight-story, 476,000 square foot office block, with three atriums to bring natural light into the interior, an 1800 car parking garage and an extensive landscaped promenade connecting to the Capitol Annex. The three atrium towers which harvest and filter natural light while the Penthouse of the building houses an enthalpy wheel which recovers heat from the atriums and distributes it throughout the building’s heating system. The main floor includes a complete conference center and a dining area. Public access is on the main floor and all upper floors are secured due to screening at the elevator lobby.

The massing and abstracted ornament of the building relate to the rich Art Deco style of the Louisiana State Capitol. Views of the Capitol lake and State Capitol were maximized due to the atriums. This project is a joint venture.