St. Jude the Apostle Church

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Creation of a worship space that maintains the integrity of the existing structure while introducing a contemporary architectural vocabulary.

The church’s desire was to develop a master plan and program that would meet the current and future needs of a fast growing and extremely active church congregation. A four-phase master plan was developed with continuous collaboration and feedback from the parishioners. It was determined the existing church would take on a major renovation in phase one.

Principals of Design include: - Create a cohesive plan while maintaining the small campus atmosphere - Improve the existing campus architecture - Enhance the quality and function of the worship space - Create outdoor spaces to facilitate fellowship among parishioners

Although there were significant improvements to the interior and exterior of the worship space, the integrity of the existing structure was maintained. Instead of modifying the appearance of the exposed wood trusses and ceilings, the architecture was embraced and used as an advantage throughout the newly renovated areas of the church.