Louisiana State University Student Union & Theater

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

The renovation re-established and reinforced the Union as the physical, cultural, and social heart of LSU's campus.

The LSU Student Union serves as an active hub of campus life with many amenities and services. Originally built in the 1960's, much of the facility is outdated and well overdue for a significant overhaul. The renovation breathed new life into the tired, dated building.

The improvements to the Student Union include enhanced retail amenities, new dining facilities, ballroom/meeting room improvements, and upgrades to the Union Theater. These improvements will provide for unification of student organizations as well as strengthening and enhancing the LSU Campus Master Plan.

The renovated theater will now have larger and more welcoming lobbies as well as new circulation paths including stairs to better access the theater at both crossover aisle elevations. New support spaces include a box office and pre-function reception room, as well as a full array of dressing rooms. New interior architecture has been added to the theater space, including ceiling and side wall reflectors, to improve its acoustics. Additionally an electronic sound enhancement system has been added to the theater to further yet supplement the acoustics of the room.

GHC worked in association with WTW Architects to design the Union.