Louisiana Associated General Contractors

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

The revitalization of the single story office building to engage the community by removing the front façade and adding wood, steel and metal elements to complement the newly painted brick exterior.

The Louisiana Associated General Contractors (AGC) office building is located on the corner of North St. and Seventh St. in the heart of downtown Baton rouge. The existing structure was built in the 60’s and later expanded and renovated on the 80’s. The interior space was completely demolished, reorganized and given a contemporary facelift while leaving the brick on the exterior walls exposed to keep the character of the original building. Borrowed light from the offices and additional windows illuminate the common spaces. Exposing the steel superstructure opens up the area while tying the exterior elements to the interior. A courtyard and a flex meeting space is designed off of the breakroom for tranquil break off spaces and opportunities for additional natural lighting. Adjacent to the entry is a large classroom that will accommodate approximately 50 people for training and teleconferences.