Livingston Parish Courthouse

Livingston, Louisiana

The new courthouse will serve all of Livingston Parish and be a beacon within the community.

A facility imagined by Livingston Parish's Chief Judge, Clerk of Court, and Chief Deputy Clerk of Court was finally realized several years later for the fastest growing community in the state of Louisiana. The 96,000 sq. ft. courthouse serves as the new home for Livingston Parish’s agencies supporting the community and justice system. The facility houses five courtrooms, a large jury selection/multi-purpose room, and jury deliberation spaces along with holding areas for those in custody. Future expansion, should additional courtrooms and Judges be required, was taken into consideration during initial planning. The Courthouse incorporates many state-of-the-art audio/video features as well as accommodating a modern paperless filing system and public transaction methods. The joint venture design team created a highly functional building allowing easy access to community services while maintaining a secure environment for agency employees.