Kadlec Regional Medical Center

Richland, Washington

Vertical Tower Expansion with Award-Winning Pediatric Renovation

We have been involved with Kadlec Regional Medical Center (KRMC) campus expansions, renovations and technology upgrades for many years, starting with a 224,480-square-foot facility masterplan in 2008. This planning exercise examined KRMC’s existing facilities, originally built in 1944, and led to the ultimate vertical expansion and renovation of the hospital’s North Tower.

The 174,000-square-foot, six-story North Tower structurally allows for an additional four floors of future expansion and a relocated helipad. The first floor of the tower includes a 36-bed clinical decision unit, 10 new operating rooms (with 2 more shelled for future expansion), and a 20-bay, post-anesthesia care unit. The third floor contains a central sterile processing department, staff lounges, and mechanical space. The fourth floor is a 28-bed intermediate care unit with private rooms for each patient. Skipping to the sixth floor, the tower features a 29-bed Medical-Surgical unit. Back on the fifth floor, the hospital houses an award-winning pediatric unit.

The Don and Lori Watts Pediatric Unit was awarded the 2011 WAN Colour in Architecture Award and featured as a Building of America case study. The 20 over-sized, private patient rooms were designed to accommodate comfortable, overnight family stays. The “Under the Sea” theme of the unit is marked by a variety of sea creatures expressed in the floor patterns, artwork, and education materials. The unit features two large fish tanks, commissioned artwork, custom light fixtures, donor recognition and a unique color palette.