Coca-Cola Bottling Plant

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Moving Coca-Cola into a new era.

The design team took the time to understand how our company operates in order to design us a highly functional administration building. The spirit of Coca-Cola is felt and represented throughout our new home.

John Miller Division Vice President Coca-Cola Bottling Company

Relocation to this innovative new facility moved Coca-Cola toward a new era and made its Baton Rouge bottling plant one of the largest production, bottling and distribution hubs in the country, as well as the first LEED certified plant in the world for the company.

The new plant was designed to successfully connect the local administration offices with the sales and marketing offices of this national company.

This new location features a training facility that is staged as a mini grocery store which provides an area where employees are taught to stock shelves and coolers and are trained to service fountain machines. The plant also features a technologically advanced conference room and a 3000 square foot auditorium that is able to seat 200.