Cajun Industries Office Expansion

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

The new building provides the much needed space for the expanding company.

Nestled between two existing buildings on Cajuns’ campus, a new 30,000 sf office building provides the much needed space for the fast growing company. The project scope also encompasses the interior renovation of existing buildings to house the shuffling of people for the expanding company.

The Grace Hebert Curtis team worked with Cajun to determine that a more contemporary design would be most desirable for the new office building. Together, the team was able to utilize contemporary materials such as glass, architectural louvers and metal wall panels while incorporating the colors and materials of the existing buildings. The new building utilizes a metal rain screen system which pays homage to the existing green standing seam metal roofs. Similar brick is incorporated throughout Cajun’s campus.

The open office space allows for communication and collaboration between staff members to enhance their focus on production. Private offices belonging to upper-level management and conference areas are located along the perimeter, allowing for views to the exterior.