Ascension Parish Courthouse

Gonzales, Louisiana

Designed to accommodate the current and future requirements of the Ascension Parish Clerk of Court, Ascension Parish Court and the 23rd Judicial District Court.

The 3 story building with 8 total courtrooms will become a beacon for justice in the tight-knit community. Through several meetings with project stakeholders, security was a major defining driver for the courthouse design. Clear separations of public, secure and inmate travel within the building is well defined with no cross-over of inmate, Judges and public circulation. The large glassed lobby of the Courthouse has space for visitors queuing through the security scanners. From the lobby, visitors will be able to access the Clerk of Court, the Parish Courtroom, and the 23rd JDC Courtrooms. The Sheriff and the Gonzales Police Department will also have a Fines Collection station near the Parish Courtroom.