Amedisys - American Way

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

A 21st century design with flexibility and a sense of engagement in an exciting atmosphere that fosters creativity through this collaborative, enjoyable, and efficient workplace.

An efficient open office layout was utilized in conjunction with multiple public shared spaced to encourage interaction between teams. Transforming an early 1970s building into a 21st century office space was the primary objective of the home health services Leadership Group. Their rebranding called for an environment that was open with multiple settings for collaboration in a light, cheerful atmosphere. A modern work environment proved challenging given low ceiling heights, existing core elements and lack of natural daylight. The forward thinking design plays down the traditional hierarchy of restricted executive areas located on window walls. Rather, offices, core spaces and conference rooms are embedded in the interior, maximizing visual access to natural daylight.

An efficient open office layout in conjunction with a multitude of shared spaces provides flexibility and opportunities where staff is encouraged to work in settings other than their workstations. An increase in interaction is supported with teaming spaces including one-on-one plus small and large group collaborative areas. Additionally, shared spaces such as open meeting areas, coffee bars, living rooms, and break rooms are supported with current technology, allowing multiple ways to access data and share ideas. Enclosed conference spaces maintain the sense of airiness with large expanses of glass and a light finish palette. Shared spaces were given separate identities with the use of color, ceiling details, lighting and graphics.