Lee High School Design Revealed

New Lee High 'prototype for the future'

Superintendent: New Lee High a ‘prototype for the future’

The Advocate

September 26, 2013

BY CHARLES LUSSIER clussier@theadvocate.com September 26, 2013

Superintendent Bernard Taylor officially unveiled the proposed design for the new Lee High School at a community meeting Thursday night, calling it a “prototype for the future.”

Taylor said the school, which will house about 1,200 students enrolled in three special programs, needs to have staying power.

“We want a building that will be usable not just in 2016, but in 2056,” he said.

The renderings and schematics of the new Lee generated enthusiasm from many of the 150 people who showed up to listen Thursday.

Dee Wellan, who lives in University Acres, near Lee’s historic home at 1105 Lee Drive, said the design reminds her of the college-style high schools that populate suburban Dallas near where her daughter lives.

Wellan, a former LSU instructor, said she likes the openness, with lots of outdoor areas for students to congregate.

“It’s experiential learning on campus, and I applaud (the designers) for that,” Wellan said.

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