As a complete design studio, Grace Hebert Curtis offers all of the services necessary to fulfill your vision.

Every project presents unique challenges and opportunities. We start with our client's vision, set the foundations for a successful process, and never lose focus on creating an optimal end-user experience.


We transform visions and space into structures and environments that engage the senses, stimulate productivity and inspire the spirit of all who enter. Working closely with our clients, we create architectural statements that are equal parts personal and functional.

Interior Architectural Design

We design interior environments that enhance, enable, and empower—building from the inside out to best accommodate and facilitate our clients’ requirements. The look, the feel, the flow of our designs—all are a result of our thorough understanding of our clients’ culture and expectations. In addition to setting up specific work spaces, our services include such functions as selecting artwork, fabricating signage, and providing furniture packages for bid or direct purchase. By developing the interior architecture hand in hand with the overall design, we ensure a seamless integration of cohesive project language and architecture.


The journey of every project begins with programming. We first analyze client requirements and develop a comprehensive understanding of their unique culture to determine the best possible course of action. Then we prepare a document that states the objectives of the project, outlining what’s expected of us and what we expect of our clients. From there, the concept is ready to be transformed into reality. Through the years this approach has consistently paved the way for optimal outcomes.


Master Planning

We’re all ears when it comes to formulating a master plan, making detailed notes of the client’s dreams, goals and ambitions for their project. After we’ve sorted through all of the information and weighed the importance of the different components, we develop a strategy that becomes the guideline for building out the vision.